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Development of any complexity of iOS | Android


Our merits are recognized by more than 1,000,000 users.


Every step of the project is carefully calibrated and considered, because we involve only experienced professionals who have proved their worth.


Technical support is not just empty words. Every project for us is like a child, and we as a caring parent are ready to protect it and take care of it. Improving and perfecting the product.

Quick start

We are ready to start development even without detailed requirements but based on a clear vision of the mobile application.

Active interaction

Communication with the client within the framework of a single team, we take into account the client’s opinion at every stage of the design.

Modern technologies

We use only state-of-the-art technologies in our work, which makes it easy not only to maintain, but also to develop the application over many years.

Development of any complexity of iOS | Android

Leo Trado offers a full range of mobile applications development from UX design to full deployment on Android and iOS platforms.

By developing the application we are completely immersed in the project in order to anticipate all the wishes of the users, create an intuitive and functional interface.

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Our approach to creating an application

Setting a target

We take a close look to thr essence of your idea, refine it and develop it


We create the architecture of your project - design the model of the nagging, the screens of the states of the application and other elements of the interface.


Based on the prototypes the final application type is developed. Not forgetting the proprietary style of the application.


We design a database based on a baseline analysis. Create a control system, configure a server and other functions.


Beta testing of the application is performed on different versions of platforms and gadgets.

Launching and support

We publish a ready-made application. We quickly collect user feedback, identify any shortcomings, improve the service.

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